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Onet - news, weather, sport is an intuitive application that allows you to get familiar with all the latest news published on Onet. The program has a number of useful features that make it easier to read the news.


Onet - news, weather, sport is an intuitive application that allows you to get familiar with all the latest news published on Onet. The program has a number of useful features that make it easier to read the news. The application Onet - news, weather, sport can be downloaded for free.

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Onet - news, weather, sport is a free mobile application providing access to the latest news from Poland and the world from the Onet. pl - to be installed on mobile devices operating under the control of the operating system Google Android and iOS.

Thanks to My cra account this application we will not miss any important information. Onet News application consists of the Magazyn section, where the most interesting content selected by the editorial staff of Onet is presented, and the local news.

Additionally on the menu bar there are also other categories of news, including Sport and Business. The order of their display can be adjusted to one's own preferences. A useful function of the Onet News mobile application is the system of notifications about the most important events from the country and the world. The news will appear on the screen of a smartphone or a tablet. onet news is a must-have app for Android and iOS for all those for whom only verified news counts. Onet - news, weather, sport - The latest news at your fingertips. Onet - news, weather, sport is an extremely intuitive mobile application that allows you to view the latest news from the world and country, published on the pages of Onet. pl - one of the older services in our country, founded in 1996. Thanks to Onet News we will have access to the world of the latest news from the world of economy, sport, business, automotive, technology and games. In addition, the program will prove extremely useful for users who want to quickly check the weather news and a map of Smog, which is an atmospheric phenomenon created by the mixture of pollution with rain and fog. The program Onet - news, weather, sport has an extremely useful for many people, including drivers, function Onet Czytaj. It activates the speech synthesizer, which will read for us the content published on the pages of Onet. Onet - news, weather, sport - Saving the data transfer. Onet - news, weather, sport is not only the latest news from the world and country. It is also access to the latest recordings published by Onet journalists. What is important, in order to save data transfer you can read the articles and watch videos at the same time. In the settings of the Onet - news, weather, sport application you can select the option to work only in Wi-Fi network mode. This way we will be sure that while reading the latest information we will not be exposed to additional costs set by the operator. Onet application - news, weather, sports also allows you to read our horoscope for the coming week and check all the cultural events, including theater performances and concerts that take place in your area.

Onet application - news, weather, sport is available to download completely free of charge. You're a farmer, you drove two cars there yourself. Sharp mouth in the My cra account FAME MMA studio. Bedoes made a call during his interview with Filipek video 18. FAME MMA 11 Fight Club will take place on October 2 in Gliwice Arena. Meanwhile, things are already getting interesting during the preparations for the gala. During an interview with one of the fighters, rapper Filip Marcinek, another rapper called into the studio - Borys Bedoes Przybylski. A huge fight broke out. The men did not spare each other the elaborate invectives. The recording of the heated discussion became an instant hit on the Internet. Be warned, however, that it is only for people who are not language purists. Wilfredo Leon It took me five days to recover from Tokyo. Wilfredo Leon, 28. suffered a terrible loss in the Olympics, but now he is playing great again and may become European champion this Sunday. In an interview with Fakt, he reveals how he felt after the failed Olympic Games. Lech Poznań captain Mikael Ishak. He quotes the Bible from memory. When it was officially announced that Mikael Ishak 28 l. will be the captain of Lech in the current season, many were surprised. Coach Maciej Skorża, 49. usually chose a Pole for this position. This time, however, he decided differently. Ewa Pajor, the top player of the national team Our promotion to a big event is only a matter of time. Let us succeed this time. Today's match against Belgium at. 19 in Gdansk Polish women's national football team begins the World Cup qualifying round. Our rivals are on a similar level, but we will want to dominate them. I believe that the Polish national team's promotion to a major event is only a matter of time," says Ewa Pajor, 25. The star of our team, regarded as one of the best strikers in the world. Anita Włodarczyk After the Olympics I received 11 cakes. The first one was on the plane from Tokyo on August 8, the last one a month later.

In total Anita Włodarczyk 36 l. was gifted with cakes 11 times after the Olympic Games. Scandal in the USA. Female gymnasts accuse the services and sports authorities. The FBI turned a blind eye to the sex scandal. The FBI falsified my testimony. said McKayla Maroney, 25. before a Senate committee to investigate irregularities in the investigation of rape and sexual harassment in U.S. gymnastics. Polish women climbed for world championship medals. We have gold and bronze VIDEO. The world championship in sport climbing began in Moscow. Polish women did very well on the first day. Competing in time trial, Natalia Kałucka won the gold medal, and Aleksandra Mirosław the bronze. The second place was taken by the representative of the hosts Julia Kaplina. Europa League. Four goals in the Leicester-Napoli match. Legia is the leader of the group. On Thursday, a match was played in Group C of the Europa League Leicester City SSC Napoli. In the team of guests from the first minute on the pitch appeared Polish representative Piotr Zielinski. The meeting ended in a 2 2 draw. In this group competes Legia Warsaw, which on Wednesday defeated Spartak Moscow. MIstrz Polski became the leader after 1.

What a meanness. As a young Chelsea London footballer struggled on the pitch, the seventh commandment was broken in his home. Chelsea London and England national team star Reece James was the victim of real meanness. The footballer has already informed the whole incident in social media. And the footage from his home has hit the internet. What happened in his house while he was fighting on the pitch. For the first time in Poland a woman will fight with a man.